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Live In Color - Press photo 1

​Live In Color is a Swedish pop/rock band from Jönköping, Sweden, formed in 2018. The band consists of the three brothers Jesper, Anton and Linus, Tim and Melker. And to describe their music with one word? ADVENTURE! The sound is happy, emotional and dreamy and delivers these feelings through playful guitars, catchy drumbeats, intense bass rhythms and existential lyrics about awareness, development and love.

Their first album ”One World” was released in 2019 and two singles followed the same year, ”You” and ”Catch the Feeling”. The latter was the official sound track for the European universities rowing championships. After releasing one album and two singles in one year they decided to experiment a bit with the sound in the creation of their two new songs, ”Stay” and ”Time”, which were released in 2021.

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