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Hailing from the city of Jönköping in Sweden, Live In Color is a pop/rock group that has deftly harnessed an adventurous spirit within their musical endeavors. Established in 2018, the band comprises of three brothers – Jesper, Anton, and Linus – alongside Tim and Melker.

The release of their debut album, "One World" in 2019 offered audiences a glimpse into the distinct sonic tapestry that defines Live In Color’s signature sound: adventurous, happy, emotional and dreamy. The band delivers these feelings through playful guitars, catchy drumbeats, intense bass rhythms and existential lyrics about awareness, development and love.

Simultaneously, two singles from that year, "You" and "Catch the Feeling" further solidified their unique musical identity. Notably, “Catch the Feeling” was selected as the official soundtrack for the European Universities Rowing Championships, showcasing the band’s remarkable aptitude for creating music that resonates across diverse audiences.

Following this successful period, Live In Color embarked on an experimental exploration of their sound, resulting in the unveiling of two new singles in 2021 – "Stay" and "Time". In 2023, Live In Color returned triumphantly with their latest offerings. "A Better Me" received international attention, even securing airplay on BBC1 Extra. The success of the track led to the band’s nomination at the Hollywood Independent Music Awards, further cementing their global music presence.

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